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The devs wanted to make the Sith Empire seem like Palpatine's Empire to keep everything in terms of a Star Wars that even casual fans could understand quickly. So they went with tropes that they thought people associated with Palpatine's Empire for the Sith Empire: the design of their spaceships, the cut of their military uniforms, even the emblem.
This is one of the worst things the developers did for this game.Story ,lore ,immersion ,all these things went to hell to satisfy some retarded market based commercial ideas in order to draw more casual Star Wars fans,which didn't work anyway.
The idiots that decided to make trooper armors,imperial uniforms and ship models similar to those in the movies should change career to selling iPods ,GSMs or some other garbage.
It's like making a movie about the Napoleonic Wars but with bolt action rifles because of the idea that it would draw more customers.... nevermind the idiotic disregard of history and lore.

To this day ,i have to lie to myself that Palpatine used this sith Empire's models and designes for nostalgic reasons(some kind of admiration towards ancient sith culure he had -supposedly) , in order to cope with all this .