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I'm curious about this: Will this be a train that has simply multiple panorama options, or a train that is actually constantly just animated to move on a railway system like the one during the season 4 Clone Wars Episode?

However, I'd really like a discussion topic on decorations at this point. I appreciate that we are getting so many new strongholds, but I think this really makes a discussion about decoration acquisition necessary. So many simple decorations are horribly overpriced at this point, and I think having a discussion about how this acquisition should be handled would be greatly appreciated. A little example: I can't even buy a simple bartender decoration or a simple spacer kitchen because they range from anywhere between 5-10 million on the Progenitor. Alright, admittedly I easily could, but a ten million price for something so basic as a kitchen decoration is absurd. At this point, buying a new stronghold is slightly "unfavourable" because I can only fill it with basic chairs, soldiers and tables anyway.

Is there any way that we could see more "direct" stronghold bundles on the cartel market, and preferrably with some different decorations? A staff bundle, a basic appliances bundle, and so on?

Do these class changes include the long-awaited utility changes, or are these only number adjustments? And furthermore, if the first is the case, why is Sage not on that list?
This! We have so few decorations that makes a new stronghold idea seem pathetic. I love the SH's. I'm in favour of them, but we need more crafting options for decorations, better GTM search mechanics for decorations, more vendors on fleet or reputation, better drops i.e put them in command crates which can be sold on GTM if not wanted, flashpoint, PvP, ops drops, and lastly bundles on the CM. Specific bundles as said, a staff bundle with new alien staff, plants/tree bundles, art/wall item bundles, lighting bundles, ship bundles, centrepiece bundles etc. I can't be the only one who looked at manaan and thought, "I ain't about to line up my my 50+ companions in a long row next to the fountains, for the sixth SH time. And I've no idea what to put on all those centrepiece hooks. it's not like I can buy a Defender never mind a Millenium Falcon on the GTM.
I have a folder of screenshot items that I would love to have in my stronghold, 20 ish, all in-game, all I assume usable for a bundle or craftable by crew skills. The decoration pack was took off CM way too soon. The Manaan pack seems pricey but a step in the right direction.The GTM is empty, and nobody wants what's on there, we've all got the same items in our SH. The new SH, timing seeming a bit off with Manaan being released seems like a good idea. I just won't bother if it's placing the same items over and over. That doesn't seem like fun.