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My $0.02 on the gear requirement for master mode flashpoints:

If you can't do a HM in 230 gear with augments there's no reason believe you can do it in 242s as it is. Gear is not the problem, skill is. HM should be for players who know their stuff. Gating by gear does not make sense because having good gear doesn't qualify you as knowing your stuff.

I have >= 244 gear on all my toons I choose to outfit, simply because my two mains have their cargo holds full of the unused 244-248 stuff and can share with alts. I'm still against this. It will not help, it will only reduce the number of useful people able and willing to play HM FPs in a way that earns them proper CXP.
This. BW really needs to put some kind of meter in game that shows what your dps/hps/threat looks like, along with what the "minimum" required numbers are so you can see if you are the problem or if others are. It doesn't need to be public, but just something for people to see for themselves if they are doing the right thing or not.
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