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04.26.2012 , 03:33 AM | #15
Vette is profoundly annoying, but at least you get a shock collar with her.

Kaliyo, on the other hand, is just as annoying--you think you're so awesome, get over yourself already--but I just can't seem to be rid of her. She insists on flirting with me or thinking I'm flirting with her--it seems like half the time I tell her to shut up (which she never does)], she's practically aroused by it, which would be awesome if I didn't find her hideous (and, of course, obnoxious). Kaliyo is that person we all know who thinks they're way, way cooler than they actually are.

She also makes a lousy tank; she draws aggro well enough, but she can barely stand up to a strong breeze. I love absolutely everything about playing a Sniper except Kaliyo.
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