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Mike B, thanks for your transparency! You may not deliver a message people want to hear (including me sometimes) but you lay everything out on the table for all to see and for that I think you deserve more credit than any other rep BW has working for them right now that interacts with the playerbase.

I am just curious when the conversation is going to turn to gutting this scoring system as well as the very lenient policy of cheating. If for reasons BW cannot explain to us the punishments are to be so lenient, and the scoring system continues to be such an easily manipulated one, eventually BW has to throw in the towel and come up with some other format for ranked.

I mean I have seen BW gut and tear apart perfectly working gaming systems from gearing systems to conquest systems that were universally accepted and viewed as successful systems in their own right with just slight flaws that needed adjusted or tweaked. These systems were totally tore out of the game, with zero reflection as to how the players were to feel about such changes.

Here there's undoubtedly one of the most flawed scoring systems in any PVP games I have ever seen. Not only that, this monstrosity been given years of time to spread it's filthy turd covered wings over the entire contest of ranked dripping fecal matter on all who participate. For years!

enough is enough, some serious dialogue ought to be about the damn scoring system that simply is incapable of deterring cheaters. I get it that BW can't monitor and watch ranked 24/7, then you need to do something to the structure of the contest and stop with the window dressing that simply isn't effective at improving ranked. That's the point here, changes have got to be fruitful and actually create change.

As long as ranked is easy to cheat and as long as it is viewed that cheaters get far too leniency and far too slight of punishments, all that is going to happen is the only active players will be subsiders that just funnel the rewards to the same old cheaters that buy those oh-so-needed ranked pixels.

Right now, the contest cheaters get to feel warm and special inside rolling around on their virtual reality pixelated treasures while honest players trying to enjoy stiff competition against the best of the best in ranked have to wade through impossible amounts of shenanigans which adds tons of frustration.


These punishments are like putting lip stick on a pig and the result of these punishments isn't improving the ranked scene. It's time to really consider more serious options to improve both solo and group ranked PVP.
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Iíd still like to know how you find someoneís legacy name if they donít display it?
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Uh you don't know it because it is a secret knowledge of ranked players who use it to see the real appearance of other players through the force.