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Quote: Originally Posted by Gerandar View Post
world events are not content, its a small time waste if anything, content would be more warzones more story more ops and so forth, a world event with only range weapons and a bleh speeder does not count for content.
new   [noo, nyoo]
of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.; having but lately come or been brought into being:

conĚtent1    [kon-tent]
something that is contained:

Hmm. Quests that are now in the game, that were not there 48 hours ago. That description seems to qualify for both of these definitions. Maybe you have a different dictionary.

More likely: You are just upset this new content is not what you wanted.

Quote: Originally Posted by BrotherJohn View Post
how about bw you focus on adding in new FP, new ops, new wz ...rantrantrant
Different teams have different jobs. There's probably a PvP team, a Raid team, a FP team, and an event team. They can all work separately.