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I have personally bought items with comms, ripped out the item modifications, put them into BoL gear to ship (via mail) them to my cybertech and artifice and armstech, ripped out the item modifications, and gotten schematics from RE. Maybe it is within that process that "permits" RE of comms gear item modifications, I do not know.
Thanks! I was probably misremembering a previous discussion (or it might have been accurate for a different tier of gear).

I would not worry all that much. One can successfully run level 55 HM FPs in gear populated with grade 25/58 Makeb planetary comms acquired Item modifications. It may be slower going but it is doable. And you will gear up quickly because most of your teammates will have no need for any gear that drops .
@ItachiZaku (psandak, please correct me if I missed something):

I'd definitely recommend that new 55s buy the 31 Barrel/Hilt for the MH, since you otherwise need Ultimate Comms. The Elite-Comm MH is only 30/162, costs 350 Elite Comms (next most expensive Elite item is 140), and requires Champion standing with CZ-198. I.e., you can buy 3 other pieces of Elite 31/168 gear for the same number of Comms.

I'd highly recommend the OH Hilt/Barrel, as there is no Basic Comm OH that I recall.

Caveat: If you buy the Hilt/barrel, you still need to get the mod and enh, but since they aren't locked to the slot like the barrel/hilt/armor, you can pull from much cheaper comm gear.

As psandak said, the 31 isn't necessary, and if you plan on gearing from raid drops and not just comms, you can get a good MH/OH earlier than Ultimate Comms. But if you have a few mil sitting around, the 31 MH/OH barrel/hilt is the best bang-for-buck for 31 gear.

Also: if you know what look you want, 2 mill should get you 9 MK-9 kits and purple augs for them (mh/oh/+armor).
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