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03.15.2014 , 10:24 PM | #157
*Copied here from the other 3 Questions thread. Not sure which one the class rep will look at and I can't ask the VG class rep because he quit after the last round.

I do not have the PT ability names translated, so sorry in advance if it causes confusion.

From a strictly PVE DPS standpoint, I would prefer to see better resource management for Assault spec. Admittedly, some of the resource issues are caused by the 2% alacrity boost messing with the 6 second CD of Ionic Accelerator and forcing us to throw extra abilities in to proc IA which ultimately leads to more ammo usage than the 2% alacrity boost helps recover. But I think that having a talent that lowered the ammo cost of Ion Pulse and Stock Strike by a bit would help over the course of a boss fight more than slightly increasing the up front damage to Assault Plastique or even a weak buff to the DOTs would give. I would imagine that this would close the gap to some of the other DPS classes more than boosting damage to a single ability because it would allow us to spam Hammer Shot less and use Ion Pulse more.

My guess is that the dev team probably feels like VG/PT is doing "fine" in PVP (whether we really are or not) and that any DPS boost to the class would ultimately lead to yet another imbalance on that side of the game.

After "The Great 2.0 Super Nerf", the devs have been very slowly buffing both of the VG/PT specs in very very small ways and perhaps they would be more willing to adjust resource management than give us a proper DPS buff to line us up with other classes.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to tell me where my reasoning has failed, because I'm really scratching my head as to why the VG/PT has fallen so far behind the other classes.