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I'm looking to roll a powertech with capability to do some tanking in pve and be useful in pvp and I am wondering if this specc still viable in 1.2?
i lvl'd in this spec from 10 to 50 while pvp'ing, tanking FP's and later
offtanking KP and EV OP's (we haven't done denova yet but from what
i've seen thats where a full tank spec might be more desireable for
the second tank).
from my own experience i can say this spec is perfectly viable for
all of it.
i lvl'd and tanked normal FP's in full dmg equip only with a shield gen
and it never gave myself or the healer any trouble.
high attack plus ~30% crit and ~70% surge combined with still
good tankiness and an up-to-date equipped gault as companion
guarantee you to fly throug the content with nothing left to be desired.

in pvp you are sturdy enough to whittle down most of your opponents
by yourself and distract the **** out of your enemies while still doing
enough damage to be on their to-kill list.

1.2 didn't change anything for IF itself so its still a perfectly viable
choice. but since it buffed heat blast it now just comes down to
the choice between more utility (IF) or slightly more burst and
survivability (full ST).