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02.19.2012 , 04:58 PM | #161
Thats quite possible. After patch geting a demolisher medal is much much harder for iron fist. I am not sure how bad its for other clases/builds but iron fist got hit pretty hard by this nerf. We are crtiting a lot but our max damage is relativly low and at same time our total alpha is hard caped in pvp because we have to rely on geting hit by attack that can be shielded. I have respeced to pyro to test how that change affect it and performance hit is much less noticable, another nerf like this and i am afraid shield tech will be reduced to guard bot because more and more specs/clases has their ehp extended beyond our "mana" pool.

At same time i have found out that my usual total damage done is a bit higer crossing 300k more offen.
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