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Deflection is one of the worst DCD around: doesn’t protect against yellow damage and just has a 50% chance vs white. Lasts for 6 sec and has huge cd.
Entropic Field and Dark Embrace? Just a % of DR and you have to hit to keep it up.
Force Cloak? Sure, if you are good AND you manage to avoid possibile aoe effects like damage and taunts you can go hide somewhere safe and regen, meanwhile you are out of the fight and if you play TR/regs this means that your team is playing with one less.
This leaves us with 60% DR on Force Speed due to an utility. It is good, but it’s not a solid and reliable DCD.

The problem is that other classes like Jugg, Mara, Merc, etc have reliable DCDs that let them stay in the fight and not be punished. for that.
We’re only behind PTs in term of bad DCDs.
So we're just going to ignore Force Shroud all together? Complete resist for Force/Tech for 3 (5 utility) is extremely strong and can negate significant parts of big burst rotations from certain classes. Not to mention cleansing dots, making it one of the few abilities that can actually cleanse dots from other players.

Deflection is incredibly useful versus Melee/Ranged damage, sure that makes it somewhat situational (won't do any good versus sorcs for instance), but it's essentially just Saber Ward without the force/tech protection in return for a lower cooldown. It lasts 12 seconds by the way, not 6, (that's the duration of the Dark Stability utility, granting 6 seconds of CC immunity). So it lasts the same duration as Saber Ward, but with 2/3 of the cooldown.

As for Entropic Field and Dark Embrace, you can easily keep those up pretty much always, affording Deception quite high passive damage reduction.

Force Speed is a ridiculously OP cooldown, granting 60% reduced damage every 15 seconds is very strong, amazing versus predictable burst. I would trade Invincible for Force Speed (just the defense effect even) any day, and that's a tank exclusive cooldown.

And lastly slteathout, if you're popped out of combat a lot, consider taking Shroud of Madness or popping Shroud as you go, significantly raises the chances of you succesfully leaving the area to heal up and come back in the fight with full health.

Honestly if they just bring back DR while stunned to sins, Deception will be absolutely fine with defensives for both PvE and PvP (as they were before they changed Formless Phantom) and you'll be seeing a lot more of them in solo ranked again.