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Fair but every class needs more strength and weakness, the decay idea is good but is it going to make the gameplay more fun? I agree that every class shouldnt be like operatives but every class needs an "out" like operative. I dont care what is but lets be honest, some classes are lacking something. Maybe it isnt movement but its something.
I can agree with this to a point. I think each class should have some form of anti focus ( a brief cloak, period of extreme damage reduction, or increased parry / dodge ) I was simply addressing your earlier comments specifically. Something does need to be done, but an additional breaker isn't the answer.

A question that should be asked though. If mercs / Ops didn't have their moment of extreme cheesiness, would any of the above be necessary? If those classes couldn't fight outnumbered as well as they do I think we'd have a lot less to complain about in general.

Right now everyone wants to be as OP as them. That isn't the answer.