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I've said it before and i'll say it again, classes should have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Skanks shouldn't be a thing, Mercs shouldn't tank like Juggs, No one should be able to maraud better than a Marauder, everyone doesn't need to be as slippery as an operative, Assassins should be hit and run masters (not unkillable duelists with unlimited control and the ability to "lol nope" out of combat) ect.

Half of the fun in this game ( to me ) is figuring out how to win against classes I shouldn't within the confines of the class I love.

Play your way should refer to how you gain gear / unlocks in this game. The actual role you play in a warzone should be determined by the class you choose.
Fair but every class needs more strength and weakness, the decay idea is good but is it going to make the gameplay more fun? I agree that every class shouldnt be like operatives but every class needs an "out" like operative. I dont care what is but lets be honest, some classes are lacking something. Maybe it isnt movement but its something.