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Most certainly no. Infinite Empire ceased to exist roughly 20 000 years before the events of KotOR.

Eternal Empire is a quite young state, most probably only 600-700 years old.

The Rakata had an Empire called the Infinite Empire, it ended about 25kBBY (Before the Battle of Yavin).

The The Eternal Empire is the government based on Zakuul founded by Emperor Valkorion, ie Now in game or 3,640 BBY

The eternal fleet has no known Origin as of yet, the Empire it served has not been named. The Gravestone likewise has not been identified by race or timeline.

It seems obvious if you look at the details, both the Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone are on similar design parameters, and clearly not something anyone has used in recent memory.

I suggest that the Rakata built both, or at least someone used their technology. That somewhere there is another Star Forge, and the Gravestone was a ship designed to counter that Star Forge, and to ensure the collapse of the powerbase of the Infinite Empire. I am sure this lore will open up to us as we move forward.
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