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04.07.2014 , 02:24 PM | #287
Ill go from best to worst

Agent: Great story, everything is beautifully done, If this story was it's own game, i would play that game 200 times over.

Smuggler: Havent finished Act 3, but great story, Act 1 is probably the best, Act 2 is a bit weak, havent finished Act 3.

Warrior: Classic sith story, works well. Could be more interesting

Inquisitor: Great overall story, most recently finished it also, works well, but Act 3 is boring as ****. Act 1 is forgetable at best...

Bounty Hunter: Most underrated story ever, most hilarious story in general, great to play Darkside if you know how to use Companion gifts effectively.

Consular: Watched my dad play through it, and was utterly bored with it... Had NO development whatsoever in the characters, and just felt bland.

Knight: Classic, Jedi saves the world story, havent finished it yet, but played my Gunslinger through it with my Dad playing a Sent. Decent enough, could use some more spice.

Trooper: This story just sucks. the Prologue is decent, Act 1 is ok. Acts 2 and 3 are BORING... And there's absolutely no character devolopment whatsoever...