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Knight-2nd worst story in game. Utterly predictable with no grasp on choice/intellect. feels like it was written for 12 yr old boys watching star wars for the first time. All I want to do is kill the general... Is that too much to ask? Not even humorous.

Consular-Most underrated story in the game. Only story where every single faction world mission feels directly tailored for this Class. Requires a great deal of finery of mind to appreciate, a very subtle string of remarks/actions that have lasting character impacts later. Worst thing about it is like the bounty hunter, its opposite side choices were clearly an afterthought and dark side feels weird. "I may be a diplomat, but Saresh you can go **** yourself before I help you."
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Consular: This is actually my favorite story. In the first chapter, you really felt like you were saving the entire Jedi Order. The second chapter, I felt like the unsung hero of the Republic. It was pretty awesome, if you ask me. The last one really did it for me. You pretty much just saved the entire galaxy behind the scenes. Almost nobody knew what you were about to do. Yet, you had one of the largest impacts. At least, in my opinion.

Knight: I just hated this story. To me, the knight is this games "Revenge of the Sith" I found it rather uninteresting, despite what your actions were. The only thing that made it slightly interesting was Kira and Doc haha.
I agree with both of you regarding Consular and Knight. I think Consular was the best (most plausible) and most underrated story by far. Amazing how many on genchat pan it and hail the Knight one (which I found so over the top and implausible-- only you can save everything!). I think you are likely right about its fanbase DuEldrvarya (though I find it the worst so far myself. I didn't mind the Trooper story-- it worked and was plausible if rather formulaic, but then the same can be said for many others-- Smuggler and Hunter work rather similarly. The Inquisitor was just a reach for power really and also plausible fun. I just didn't find it as compelling as the Consular.