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02.14.2017 , 12:30 PM | #1
I've been trying really hard to get back into my Sage.

It's the class I've played the longest, going all the way back to the first beta testing, and I always enjoyed him until now.
Part of the reason is the WAY I play him. I conceived of the character as a kind of Jedi Batman, so he was quick to go into melee and mix it up with his lightsaber.

5.0 took away his only real lightsaber ability. Oh yes, he has Saber Strike, but the damage it does is SO tiny that it's barely noticeable, and the animation is weak and boring. The character is actually better off just punching the enemy.

It's really destroyed my ability to enjoy the character.

I know, it's something relatively trivial but the impact it's having is enormous.

I mean, Conuslars are JEDI. The thing that is most iconic about a Jedi is the LIGHTSABER, but now it's little more than a cosmetic item. It's diminished the class and made it feel less like a JEDI. This can be a crippling thing.

Now, I get it, you want to force players to only play a ranged combat style. I don't understand why, but if that's the case, give the saber some OTHER use. Include it in the activation of some of the other powers. Change something to let the character THROW the saber. Do whatever is needed to make the class feel like JEDI again.

Of course, the simplest solution is to give us back that one skill (Dual Slash for Sages, Thrash for Sorcerors).

Come on now, Bioware, remember this is STAR WARS.