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Better question is how many pvp'rs will stick around till 2.4. playing the same 5 WZs and trying to figure out what pve gear they should wear in pvp.
THIS. Its been rated preseason for over a year, and by the time they (presumably) release it in October or so with 2.4 it will have been a year and a half. And my guess is, update 2.4 won't even bring season 1 of rateds. They likely will change the pvp with that update, and then wait another 2 updates until everyone gets used to it before they actually implement season 1.

Obviously the devs don't care about the pvp player base at all. In fact they care about us so little, that they probably don't even care about all the subs they are going to lose over this. I already know people who unsubdued after reading this new news.

There is no hope for pvp in this game, at all. If you like what it is at the moment, by all means continue playing. But if you are hoping that there are going to be new warzones, or rated seasons, or pvp updates......better to unsub now. Bioware is only holding the carrot on the stick in front of your face so they can keep your subsciption money for another 6 months to help fund their future PVE updates.