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05.24.2013 , 12:27 PM | #15
Saddly there is no way they are going to tell us anything as if they dont put in there or meet the time frame there will be a huge uproar. However the flipside is if they dont start communicating or pumping out PvP stuff they are going to lose more and more of the PvP player base. For them its a catch 22 likely damned if they do damned if they dont. But they put themselves in this bind.

At the Dallas meeting **** they stated PvPers would be "happy" with the upcoming patch which led to speculation of 2.2 but likely 2.3 being PvP focused, then today they drop the bomb nope maybe next Oct and really it might not be **** in it for PvPers other then a gear reset. If they thought we would be happy about waiting till Oct they are freaking high.