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I don't think you'll get accurate results without spreadsheeting the diminishing returns formulas with the rotation. ~1900 crit and the rest into mastery or power augs/crystals/stim is probably the best bet.
You wont get accurate results there either. Unless you factor in all of the EP values.

Besides, once you pass a certain threshold with crit you should no longer look at your odds of critting, but sooner at the odds of not critting.

Although the recent nerfs on passive surge could be a legitimate obstacle.

As far as the stim stuff goes, ill keep it short since im on the job;

I see no reason why I couldn't expect anyone to carry a set of both Accuracy and Mastery stims especially since the only reason to swap is when you go from PvE to PvP or the other way around. It's actually great because you only have to swap your stim when you change rather than screw around with multiple sets of gear.
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