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I prefer to play solo, but I feel like I am missing out on a lot of story because I cannot do the operations. I am wondering how likely we could see solo operations like on Yavin 4. How many out there would like the option?
The Revan fight at the end of the Yavin 4 is not a solo operation, it's just the end of the story arc which everyone - whether you choose to move the story forward doing the actual operation (Temple of Sacrifice) or the dailies - will have to do to complete it.

An actual operation is a *very* different experience. I'm sure that going forward there will always be a solo path available if they choose to make an operation part of the main story again but probably not "solo operations" like it's been done for the flashpoints. I mean, anything's always possible but given how many more priorities the dev team has, it seems unlikely.

The good news for you is that there's very little actual story content in operations. You're not missing any epic cutscene with meaningful story choices or dialogue inside those instances.

You are however missing some ancillary content, the biggest being what happened with the Dread Masters, something that is the backdrop of the Section X and Oricon questlines and 6 Operations: Karagga's Palace, Explosive Conflict, Terror from Beyond, Scum & Villainy, Dread Fortress, Dread Palace. The more meaningful ones are Explosive Conflict, where you learn what they've been up to since Belsavis (there's a prologue and epilogue cutscene) and the Dreads, which after completion give you access to the epilogue cutscene for the whole thing. (Something happens in Scum & Villainy that's also pretty major and it's referenced maybe twice during Oricon).

I would encourage you to try them if you don't have any specific constraints that prevents you to play in a group - odd hours, inability to set a couple of hours aside to play (a few minutes breaks here and there won't be an issue obviously) or other personal reasons.

Raiding with a group of people can be insanely fun and I'm speaking as someone who started the game to play solo and solo only and then basically stayed a sub just for the raiding part. Also, storymode operations are not complicated at all, if you're worried about that .
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