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maybe do a pull when you will be on the ground like its supposed to be done.
Sure, we'll try that next time we will be doing this fight. We also have some other ideas about what can be done differently. But it is quite hard to get the whole team together since all of us are busy with work, so, for now, there is no other option than to try to get the desired answer from the developers. And to be fair, we have already spent quite a lot of time on different runs successfully clearing this fight with different tactics. It's just that only one of them was recorded.

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Anyway, as for CS his statement is wrong, since quite a few people got this via CS so it is grantable.
When I asked directly about it, I got this reply:
"I would not trust too much the forums, or do not take them for granted.
I have read once in the forums that "elephants can fly"!!! you can get much information on these , but none are filetered, nor verified!!!!"
Which is just plain ridiculous.

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Normaly I would tell you to try sending it again, but thats again the issue with "overloading CS with same issues". If all fails write to Eric and Keith about it.
Can you please direct me how to do that? I've got about 9 answers from CS already, and all of the non-automated ones (both for tickets and emails) seem to be written by the same person (judging by the name at least). Maybe they track these things now, maybe I was just very unlucky. But anyway I don't see a point in proceeding in that direction.