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Thank you for the advice, but sadly that didn't help either. In return for the sent video with the description of how it can verify meeting all the criteria for the achievement, I got the following reply:

"You did not get the achievement Mind your step for which you have uploaded a video.
I read with great attention your detailed report.
I regrattebaly have to inform you, that this particular achievement cannot be granted by Customer service, and the Mind your step achievement is already monitored at studio level."

Whatever the "monitoring at studio level" actually means...
Well, looking at the video I see no traps popped, but the way you did the final phase is a bit "untraditional". I mean, I am no expert in this but maybe do a pull when you will be on the ground like its supposed to be done. Sure, I should have no effect on the achievement, but just saying..... When we did it, I speced healer so we were 2 heals, 1 tank (sin) and one Merc dps. What we did was run around the room like crazy, but we were on the ground.

Anyway, as for CS his statement is wrong, since quite a few people got this via CS so it is grantable. Normaly I would tell you to try sending it again, but thats again the issue with "overloading CS with same issues". If all fails write to Eric and Keith about it.
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