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Maybe they think the player is a crappy sorc/sage and they don't want to carry.

Or maybe they just want an easy run without having to guess how good you are on your sorc.

But if anyone is denying you for a HM op, then the group is probably trash.
i realy wish that would be the case but sadly it isn't. the elitism is so wast against sorceres/sages are disgustingly runis the whole gaming experiance, due to teh fact that the sorcerers as dps in pve are at the bottom of the dps list for as i read almost 3 years now in prior. it is a huge let down and the ingame player base in EU is wastly against sorcerers players is utterly cutting off players who wish to play as sorcerers/sages from the game it forms an utter disgusting behaviour between players. This must be stoped by doing so Bioware MUST buff sorc/sage dps specs including balance/madness, lightning/telekinetics as well. Most players calls sorc/sage dps in ops as off healers in dps spec. it is disgusting.
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