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08.07.2014 , 01:13 AM | #7
Glad the guide was of use to at least some people. It was the whole point after all :P

I did read the dulfy guide a long time ago on rage and honestly I dont think it is giving it the credit the spec deserves. A stone age old video parse, because nothing else was available as most peeple believe the spec is weak single target wise and that its all about carnage and annihilation. Im trying to show otherwise XD.

I am doing a fair number of things differently and believe ravage is a very big part of the tree (usually 2nd most dmg from it in a parse if not a very close third).

So much for that.

I probably should mention that that naturally this is not THE way to play Rage or that its THE best way to do so. I have gotten the best results with this methodology. I have shared a couple tricks and insights I have learnt on my own which I didnt see anywhere else.

Look at this as a more up to date guide for Rage.

As for you Meatpopsicle, I hope you enjoy dpsing on ur healer, must be fun :P Maybe you should write a guide for it so we can also get better at doing dmg on our healers.