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mfw i click on all spoilers and just find ”Coming Soon”, just remove all you have yet to complete for now, orange text clue is nice but kinda weird if only 2 out of 16 are with info.

Overall, it’s some cool stuff and I think I remember reading about this on reddit quite a while ago, nice to see that the project is starting to take form. My only critique relates somewhat to what Crossward says, the videos are way to long and although they do cover quite a bit of information, it’s not efficiently delivered to the viewer. The initial parts with intro, strategy and tactical explanations are good but far to extended, the later parts with how to apply the knowledge from the previous explanation however are great. As your guides are only looking at hardmode and nightmare, I think that you should spend less time explaining mechanics from storymode and similar basic concepts, it drags out the video way to much.

A small note, I have yet to watch all of your current videos, but I turned the speed to 2.0 and apart from the funny way your voice sounds, it's still easy to understand and follow your explanations, maybe talk a bit quicker to cover more in shorter time? Additionally, don't forget the sweet spot for rDPS/Healer on Kephess, it's great for HM but vital for nightmare

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