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Already? Why? That was the most viable one. Why do they hate this class?
Have you ever tried Meteor Brawler? Firefall/Ionfall does a lot on dps specs, on my AP with ****** gear it deals like 70k, on Pyrotech it does even more. I`m not sure how much it does on tank tbh, I have not watched its value, but simple math says me that if I reached 70k on AP which has no buffs for elementar damage, I`d get like 50k on tank
Which is not bad. Other thing is that Emergency Power is hard to get atm, Right Price drops often from conq crates, and Brawler is buyable on fleet. So, imo, you should take Right Price from conq as long as you won`t get Meteor Brawler, then you can try to get Emergency Power from Dxun drops. Atm Right Price is not good for tank, its 1st bonus if 2% mastery, not 2% endurance like Meteor has, 4 pieces bonus is quite nice, and 6 pieces bonus sucks a lot on tank spec.