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Now that they have nerfed the right price i have no idea myself.

There is the Meteor brawler. Wich is far from how fun the right price looked. I bet the x6 bonus does a ridiculouly low amount of damage as well. The 10% damage for every 15 seconds translates to a 5% damage increase. Wich is ok, but not awesome in a tank.
What was good about the right price is that was good for extra damage and for defense as Explosive fuel/Battle focus doubles as a defensive CD.

Then theres the new one that drops on Dxun, wich is equally as unexciting. 5 second longer on the shield and a big absorb on power yield for 3 seconds. This might be ok for PvE, but yeah, nothing as fun looking as the right price that was nerfed for tank FOR NO GOOD REASON!!

Yeah, i'm upset. I was looking forward to getting good agro and damage on groups of adds or PvP clumps. But alas, the DPS can take advantage of it cause their power yeild can last up to 30 seconds and kapow! Tanks get hit for no reason and now got no good choices!

I confess this has annoyed me to much i have lost most of my drive to play the game. I honestly don't have a good choice now. Maybe i will get Meteor brawler cause i'm not gonna be tanking Dxun anytime soon. Not that that bonus is awesome or anything. Just as weak outside maybe hard mode ops or something where you can soak a large hit.
Already? Why? That was the most viable one. Why do they hate this class?