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I think the main thing it lacks is mounts (racing pods, etc) that actually require skill to drive through twisty passages(1). And of course there's nothing anyone but BioWare can do to make that happen.
Having hosted a ton of horse racing in LotRO where all the mounts go the same speed and the terrain can be tricky, I can say for certain that it's not an issue. As long as the course is designed properly, there is some challenge to navigating it, and thus the skill of the player is the biggest factor.

In-game racing:

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In fact, it would be far easier in SWTOR, now that we have traps. Imagine trying to cut a corner for speed, wondering if you're going to get too close to the electric wall trap?

The SWTOR animations also look much better. Horses in LotRO just can't jump!
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