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Yeah, I just read those posts. Here was what i was originaly expecting. "Greetings, I am an angery sith lord disguised as a Jedi, but don't tell anyone, and I want to higher you to kill this dude for me and you'll do it for free, or you'll talk to mr. lightsaber and mrs. lightning. If you die, then I'll kill him. Thank you."
oi sir lightsaber and lady lighting
beside i prefare force crush, and not always the throat.
also that would not be very subtle
plus if he fails and has to explain him self to the authorityies
then he can`t implicate me as a stih

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Edit: Wolf could be loosing his touch, which would explain some of the obvious mistakes he did while tracking..... or he could have been drunk.............. or a combination of both.
or it could be seen by others as insane

note at wending today so won`t be posting again
that why she left

side note colonel is incharge of a minimum of a regiment