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Well a good old fashioned strike fighter nowadays is a solid choice especially since you can try to stay at range and use missiles to defend teammates who are in the middle of the furball.

A T2 strike is even more useful for this due to having 2 missile types

A t3 strike can have healing probes with ammo which is always useful in any match type

Bombers are useful for area denial especially on Dom matches where holding sats is essential to win

Gunships can clear mine laden sats and again support teammates in dogfights with ion bursts.

Mainly though If you're uncomfortable dog fighting the big key is on Domination matches. Get to a Satellite ANY Satellite and STAY there. Bodies on Sats is one of the most difficult things ive found to teach newer pilots. they see an enemy and chase after them, whats worse is if that enemy is a vet who knows he has help heading to the sat the rookie just left he will lead the rookie on a merry chase while his teammates clean up and take the sat the rookies no longer defending, then he can kill the pilot at their leisure.

Stay on Sats it doesn't matter if the enemy pilot runs away that's actually a good thing it helps you more then him.

Also call out for help in ops chat. say enemy inc to A or B or C or whichever and how many, keep your team informed as to the status of the sat youre on. B clear, B 2 incoming etc etc

Communication is one of the most important aspects of GSF that gets lost sometimes. letting your team know that you are heading to a certain sat or a specific grid box on a TDM map.

on a TDM map the best you can do for your team is STAY ALIVE. I know its a bit of a duh comment but youd be surprised how many people keep throwing themselves into the jaws of death or engaging people WAY out of their league when they should be staying with the group and protecting their wing man.

GSF is very much a team game. work with your teammates to aid them where needed and you will be fine.
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