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Do you guys buy most of your stuff straight from the CM or off the GTN?
I haven't clocked exactly how many CC I get a month, it's probably easily in excess of 3,000 or more, so I'd rather pop 600 to 1400 for a weapon or outfit on the CM when it comes out (or is offered half-off in a daily flash sale) than burn 20-30 million credits for it. I've also lucked out more than once when someone on the GTN left off a zero on their price.

The outfits I generally don't like are the ones with a lot of gear on the back, like jetpacks or hoses and boxes and things, or my armor count would probably be higher. I definitely go for the chest harnesses, could use some without anything but cross-straps on the back. I'd definitely buy chest harness sets without the butt flaps for sure (with a nice follow-the-curve brief cut).
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