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Hey all!

Some good reminders in here already so I thought I would tack on a few reminders as well. Most of these are known already but good to get them in one place ahead of Onslaught's launch next week.
  • Galactic Command Rank is resetting to 0 for all characters.
  • The Achievements for earning Command Rank 300 on Classes will become Feats of Strength with Onslaught's launch.
  • Numerous currencies are being converted to credits at a low rate. Command Point Consumables, Alliance Recon Data, Command Tokens, Command Gear Pieces, and Unassembled Components.
  • All utilities will be reset on launch day so be sure to spend your points when you login.
  • All set bonuses are now on item shells instead of armorings, this change is retroactive.
  • Conquest Guild Targets for this week's Conquest will be judged against the NEW values, not the existing ones. You will also receive NEW Guild rewards for completing them. This has no effect on Personal Conquests.
  • No reason to stockpile Command Crates either as they will not convert into Renown crates and Command Tokens will become credits.
  • All Legacy Perks for GC will now affect Renown. The Commanding Legacy Perk has been adjusted, it no longer stacks but is a 25% increase for Renown gain across the Legacy.

Thanks all!

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