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1. convert Command Tokens to Command Boosts and Credis 50/50
2. convert Data shards to Crystals and then to decoration
3. Sort all my inventories, sell stuff
4. open Command crates, Everything that does not convert to data shards sell to traders. (Except Boosts, companio gifts)
5. Open Allianz Boxes, sell the stuff. (Except Companion gifts)
6. Finish open quests
7. Complete the personal conquest target for all Toons.

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1. Make sure you complete the Eternal Championship on 8 different classes for the Eternal Legend title.

2. If you want the "Speed Champion" title, I would definitely get it now.

3. If you want any of the CCs from completing Master Mode (and Veteran too, from the looks of things) chapters, get them now.
I was hoping the Eternal Campionship and Master Mode chapters would not be raised to 75 to make it easier. But now everything should be more difficult ... -.-
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