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03.31.2012 , 11:39 AM | #9
My main alt was Ele Sham... and if I remember correctly rated crit > haste to soft cap.

This is not a personal atk on you friend, just trying to make sure the OP doesn't get bad info.

I do apoligize however if you think my response was aggresive in nature. Wish everyone the best of luck and hope all have as much fun as I do playing this game. Ultimately the point of this game (for me at least) is to have fun pwning content and wzs with my fellow players *guildies, friends, non-douche PUGs etc..*

Having fun > being right. If is more fun for you to stack alacrity then do so. The actual difference in stat priority is neglegible as long as you are not debating something along the lines of acc > power (for example)
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