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I'd love to see a tuning slot (and perhaps an offhand version with a tuning slot) added to the Citadel Pummeler's MK-2 Lightsaber. I imagine this is a slightly less reasonable request since this particular lightsaber only drops off the WBs (at least Worldbreaker, not sure if it drops off SM Colossal) on Ziost, but in my humble opinion it's one of the best lightsaber models in the game. If adding it to that specific version isn't possible, I'd love to see a new lightsaber with a tuning slot introduced that uses that model.

For those who've never seen it, this is the lightsaber in question. Definitely my favorite lightsaber in the game by far, so seeing it get a tuning slot would be nice (and maybe an offhand version, if a new version of the lightsaber that's more easily obtainable is the way to get it a tuning slot).

Outside of that lightsaber, seeing some of the legacy weapons get a tuning slot along with the weapons you get in chapter 12 would be great. Especially the latter, kinda surprised those didn't have one by default.
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