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08.14.2014 , 04:40 AM | #357
I didn't read all of this (obviously.. its over 30 pages long and been here for 3 years now...)

But, I myself am nearly ONLY a healer in TOR (I do tank a bit but i despise DPSing, and mostly run a tank to get the other POV.. tank - heal heal-tank...) and I've also played WoW for a long time, as well as trying countless other MMOs and such. In one brief sentence...

Mouse-over healing would just be way way to damn easy...
I'm not a bad healer, i may not be the best, but.. i'de like to thing im up there on my healers... I played WoW as a healer and never once used mouse over or much of ANY macros honestly... I used healbot which is close to mouse-over, still don't have to target and THEN hit your heal.. simply click and heal. It makes it far to easy in my opinion. I absolutely LOVE that TOR doesn't allow this. It makes the healers who are doing current level content (as in, they're gear is right where it should be for this op/fp, not a 180 geared heal in a lvl 50 fp...) have to be much faster with reactions, plan out the fights a bit ahead of time, and be very precise with what they are doing. It takes like, idk, 0.05-0.25 s to recognize damage, target the player and THEN hit your heal, all the while you should already be looking for more damage for your next heal or couple heals ahead... I am playing two steps ahead every time i heal a HM op.. Then on top of all that you still need to have good raid awareness, staying out of stupid etc etc.. You need to understand the debuffs that are happening so you know what healing someone will need (such as bestia's tank debuff in HM DP.. if a tank is coming up over 5 stacks they will take massive damage.. so you need to be ready with big heals for them..)