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Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
Bingo! *This* is the reason for it, not the passage of in-game narrative time.
Aye, but if I recall correctly, the feature of having such an appearance customization option has already been asked for, for years :P perhaps one day we'll finally get it in some new appearance customization pack.

Quote: Originally Posted by Goreshaga View Post
Yes but do the 5 years in carbonite count as well ? Do the character still age while frozen in carbonite ?
If not, they're physically 5 years younger than their actual age.

I'd not mind a few appearance options to make characters look older though. I'd probably not use them, but they'd still be there for people who want to.
Well, that's the question, isn't it? Because, if all goes well with carbon freezing then indeed, the person shouldn't have their body aging. However, our characters' carbon freezings were supposedly imperfect (although granted it's Valkorion saying it, so we can fully trust him), which had led to the poisoning we need to be cured of by Lana in chapter 3.
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