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id laugh if it was a guy too; its about the pistol whipping, not the gender
I'm glad that you see it that way. Given the rape comments witnessed by the OP, it seems not everyone thinks the same way. If a conversation is problematic for a portion of the community, does that make it a problem? It's worth discussing, at least.

Quote: Originally Posted by iimagiicii View Post
+1 good sir.... and OP is debbie downer.
Given that the forums are full of complaints about basically every aspect of the game, I do hope you've replied to all of those threads with similar comments of the OP being a "debbie downer." Go to the bug reports, even, and have yourself a good time. My point is, telling someone they shouldn't be upset usually doesn't itself fix the problem or make them less upset. It's not very constructive.

Quote: Originally Posted by FridgeLM View Post
Quit looking for reasons to get offended. Don't place blame on Bioware for players saying things you don't like. In life, people will say things you don't like often, so get used to it. Ignore exists if you just can't stomach seeing offensive text.
People aren't looking for reasons to get offended. You might notice that the OP wasn't exactly enjoying the situation, so why would she be looking for reasons to not enjoy herself? BioWare doesn't make people say terrible things, but they do have a hand in crafting the game environment in which players interact. Of course in life people will say things you don't like, and we do get used to it, but those people should get used to us fighting back. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to call people ******es. A gym has the right to make rules of conduct for the people who come there to work out or play, and the patrons of the gym have the right to protest if they perceive unacceptable behavior. The same is true here. Ignore exists but it is a band-aid to put on after the fact. Some damage has already been done, and it won't prevent future damage by others. Maybe this discussion could serve to help prevent future damage.
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