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While I agree that the people you ran with were misogynist, I have difficulty seeing that conversation choice itself like that. Many conversation choices in many of the imperial classes have something similar. Slap him, punch her, torture this one. I don't know how many times I had the option to punch someone during my agent's storyline simply because they were making unnecessary noise. That conversation choice doesn't exist to alienate female gamers but is rather, in my opinion, just another part of the sith theme.
People are welcome to have as much fun as they want slapping, punching, and torturing NPCs in their own personal story missions, but repeatable group content gets more prominence and subjects players to other people's choices. In an ideal world, the gender of the NPC wouldn't matter here. However, given the OP's experience, it seems the negative treatment of women by a contingent of the gaming community has seeped into the situation, making the gender matter. The conversation choice doesn't exist to alienate female gamers, but it appears it can be used that way. Something to consider.
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