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I have to say, I really wish the final boarding party convo didn't have the "someone shut this woman up" option. Every freaking time (okay, 95% of the time) when I do that flashpoint and don't win the roll, I have to hear that stupid line and watch the guys in my group LOL about woman-beating. Okay, I get it, it's a game. They're playing evil characters. They do a lot of killing and whatnot, so simply getting hit shouldn't matter. But there's a difference, and the fact that so many guys get such a kick out of watching a woman get pistol-whipped really makes me kind of sick and despair of humanity. Because here's the thing, guys: it's not funny. No, really, it's not.

I just did a HM of this for my daily. Everything was going along fine, and when one of the guys in the group responded to the first convo with the Jedi lady, where she threatens us, with "Let's gang rape her", I let it go and didn't say anything. When we got to the final convo, one of the guys said, "best part", and I knew he was talking about that line, because so many people just think it's so dang funny to watch a woman get smacked in the face. So I choose one of the other options and win the roll. So does he just let it go and move on with the convo so we can finish the dang flashpoint? No. He freaking stops the convo, says "whoa" like I just did something really disgusting, and restarts it. I point out that not everyone's misogynistic. He and his friend kick me. Kick me right out of the group for not going along with the woman-beating hilarity.

It's not enough that I have to constantly listen to and see this scene? Now I get kicked from a FP at the very end of it for not going along with it? Is Bioware trying to make this game as unfriendly an environment for women as possible? Because nothing about that is cool.