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Fact is not that people against it, its'just that some (not very little) players do not use and need it. I know many healers that never got away from "click-cast"(and I'm with them). It does not mean "we" are any better than "you", it just means we make it differently. If they make movers - nice, yet saying that all the healers demand it and that lack of healers is just because we dont have mousovers is not correct, imo.
If you're not against it then stop posting in this thread. There is no point to your post whatsoever. I didn't say all healers use it, I just happen to know a lot who aren't healing or find healing awkward/clunky because it's not implemented. As is pretty obvious by this thread.

Please give the people who want mouseover targeting the option, I don't know why people who don't care if it's added but won't use it feel the need to post in here at all... just to tell us you won't use it? Quite frankly nobody cares and it has nothing to do with the topic.

Bioware, please add mouseover targeting and you will make a lot of customers happy. Simple request.