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Which is why you preform the first action, targetting the player you want to heal, usually the tank, well in advance. While for some people this may feel like all you're doing is sitting around watching health bars, what exactly are you doing while you're waiting to click a player portrait to automatically heal them? .....Standing around watching health bars.

You can't really say people that got used to these mouseover healing mods (yes, mods. It's not a core feature of any MMO I've ever played, and it's not a core feature of WoW, either. It's a mod) Are more active, either. If they're specced for healing they aren't going to be running around doing damage then suddenly BAM, mouseover healing
Back when I was still a healer (now I'm much too jaded to care :P) I anticipated who was going to be damaged and got ready to heal. The way I'm seeing it this mouseover healing business is more reactive while the way it is now is proactive, and honestly? I think it takes more work to sit there moving your mouse over the person to click them over and over and over than it is to just target them and press a button.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not fighting against it. I'm just trying to point out that the "traditional healing takes more time and ends up with team wipes!" thing is completely false. Yes, it takes "more" time, which is why in your spare time when you aren't doing anything (which a lot of healers do, btw. They sit there doing nothing while waiting for HP to drop) target the person to get ready to heal. You're then in just as good of a position as people who use mouseover healing.

I guess you could argue in a heated battle where EVERYTHING is taking damage this is less optimal, but eh, if everyone in the party is taking so much damage at once that you can't take the extra half second to target them then something is wrong, IMO
I'm at work in my iPhone, so responding to this is difficult. Firstly, in intense fights your triage target will oftentimes change multiple times a second (I'm assuming. I'm not end game yet but I have TONS of MMo healing experience. FFXI, EQ2, AO, Lineage 2, WoW, DAoC and countless F2Ps) Who needs the heal the most (balanced against how important the player is) will change. It happens. That's what makes healing fun. It's the split second decisions that make it engaging and challenging. With UI improvements, this is able to be pushed farther. Games with with sophisticated UIs allow for a higher level of decision making.

I started WoW a few months after release and at that time they had mouseover macros. They had addons that were just easier to use versions of macro and they had macros you could program yourself. I'm not sure what you meant by core feature but mouseover macros were in there from the beginning or soon after. So you're wrong there.

Also, ABC. Always be casting. I don't know how you play but as a healer, I'm always doing something. I will be interrupting, CCing, watching for adds, DPSing (if resources allow). I like to be the best that I can be. Sitting around watching bars may get the job done but I want content that is based around everyone being all they an be not content stiffed by UI constraints.

EDIT: Holy crap perfect analogy. The healing system in this game is like trying to make posts on a iPhone. It takes triple the time to do something half as well. If you don't think so try posting on an iPhone. Ugh, it sucks!