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Good afternoon,

I'm creating this petition because many, if not, most PvP'ers don't enjoy doing these two things:
  • PvE.
  • Crafting.

Firstly, with PvE, not only do you have a multitude of endgame dailies, but you can create several other characters to level and have crafting work with it. Right off the bat, PvE gives you a huge advantage over PvP both through credit gains and experience gains. That's a huge problem for many of us—especially for those that are strictly PvP'ers, like me!

1. Leveling

To my knowledge, leveling via Warzones was actually pretty viable somewhere during beta through until the game's first patch. I hear that leveling was nerfed around the same time during release to stop the AFK'ers from exploiting the WZ experience gain, since at the time there was no auto-boot to remove those not doing anything in the Warzone.

The Warzone Legacy XP Buffs do help, but they seem only marginal. After you've finished your ONLY PvP daily and weekly, the experience you gain varies highly because there are several factors that go into calculating how much XP you'd gain after a WZ match:
  • Winning or losing team.
  • How long the WZ lasts.
  • How many medals you get.
  • How long you have to sit in a queue before it pops.

The last one is a real biggie for me because I play during the graveyard hours to avoid the lag I get from a certain someone leeching almost all my bandwidth during the day. During the graveyard hours, there aren't many people online like during the day so it hurts me trying to get to endgame with my toon as fast as possible.

Re-rolling isn't an option for me, and that's because I don't want to level the same characters again (I'm NOT an altoholic), and I'd never pay to transfer out of a server. Futhermore, servers in other regions would make my latency spike in PvP. It would hurt me even more, so I'd rather stay on the server in my region/timezone.

Also, know that sometimes you may enter a Warzone that someone rage quits, and you'll automatically be introduced to the scoreboard (or to the point where it's getting there). I seriously hate that, and you get no rewards so that time that's used up there is wasted.

I know that mostly every game gives you faster experience via questing rather than PvP, but I think the PvP leveling here still needs a buff. It doesn't have to be exponential, but just a bit more noticeable to where it's not too inferior to questing.

2. Credits

This is THE biggest issue out of the rewards gained from PvP. Both PvE and crafting costs credits to maintain. PvE creates repair bills, and the costs would be considered highly expensive to those who strictly PvP—and it doesn't help if you're helping your friends in FPs/Ops and you wipe more than once. With crafting, gathering materials through companion missions also costs us money. The cost outweighs the profit if you don't know how to work the market (I don't even touch the market because I've lost profit in the past), if you're strictly PvPing and you're getting slow queues (like I am), and getting into losing games, etc.

Additionally, there's much more content in this game with PvE rather than PvP, so that means more rewards, bonus missions, etc. for the PvE'er—and this really hurts a strict PvP'er. You need to give special rewards for PvP'ers to give us something to work with. I like styling my characters with gear, and like trying out new outfits and seeing what I can do to make them look better, too. A PvE'er can do all this, but with such less of a hassle unlike a PvP'er and it's ridiculous!

  • This thread here was ignored, and untouched, sadly. Really sad because here are some great things to greatly help our internet wallets, and more side-quests in the form of PvP content.

You get the idea.

Again, give us something to work with. Not only will it generate us more credits, but it'll make PvPing slightly more entertaining, and some of these new PvP missions may lead to players to focus on certain objectives more often. This will be questing, but in the form of PvP! Something that I desperately need so I'm not enticed to run boring PvE.

3. Sign the Petition!

I have created a petition hosted by iPetitions! To sign it, please click here! You can leave a brief comment if you'd like, and when you're entering your name please use your forum Display Name! If BW ever happens to check this thread out, I'd like them to find this petition and see an organized and clean list of signatures.

4. Profile

This one I'm randomly putting out there, but I feel like it's still necessary. In short, I'm a PvP'er because I find PvP fun! I don't find it such a timesink like PvE. It's not boring, it's not static, and it's not easy. PvE, to me, is very, very boring, static, and plain uninteresting. I used to PvE believe it or not (a lot...), but as time went on I knew PvP was THE only play style for me.

To see BioWare hurting PvP'ers more and more, it's very discouraging and has lead me to not continue my 6-month sub until these, and the many more definitive issues surrounding PvP, are addressed.

From a very concerned and discouraged SWTOR PvP'er,