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01.21.2019 , 09:02 PM | #1
They need to update their character creation so we can create more unique characters. After a while everyone starts looking the same. With a lot of cutscenes your character gets a lot of screen time so it'd be awesome if they updated the character creation selection. Like maybe be able change facial features ex: eye size, mouth width, ect. Or at least more faces and more hair colors, it'd be neat if they added a color palate so you could get the exact shade you want. Or more color packs. Zabrak and Cathar definitely need more hair options as far as styles and color goes. And also a texture update on the player characters, for more detail, and NO neck seam. And TWI'LEKS. People have been wanting an update on that species for years. They need more markings, skin tones, eye colors, headbands, and faces. The colors they have now are dull, especially when compared to the Togruta… which brings me to the next species that needs work. Please fix their head tails/montrals, especially the males. Why they chose to model them after the animated series is beyond me. It's really out of place in comparison to the npc Togruta. Longer head tails on both would be great so they look more like the ones you see in game. And they really need to blend the head tails/montrals better to the head so they don't look like a painted human with a weird headdress. Also more colors, patterns, and markings wouldn't hurt. I also think the markings on the Togruta, Zabrak, Twi'lek, and Cathar should extend down to their bodies.