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Tactical items:
- Instead of healing, recuperative nanotech refreshes probes on everyone it hits (might be op, some tuning maybe required here, like only add half the duration or something)
- Instead of refreshing kolto probes, surgical probe make all the stacks of kolto probe instantly heal the target for the amount left on the heal over time (once again might be op, maybe make it so it only heals for x% of the healing left)
- (dunno if I like this last one but wild idea) If a kolto probe (with 1 or 2 stacks) heals someone that is already at max hp, it jumps to another ally. Not sure how to select this ally, here are ideas: (1) Ally with lowest hp that doesn't already have probes (stay on target of none apply) or (2) Ally with lowest hp, if he already has probes add whatever time was left on the jumping probes

Set bonus:
- Give DR (or other passive bonus, like power or soemthing) for every ally buffed by you (not counting class buffs)
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