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My main confusion right now is that amplifiers are for different situations. Some help crafting, some flashpoints, some PvP... Am I supposed to keep my inventory filled with gear with different amplifiers and change gesr whenever i switch from PvE to crafting to PvP? If so I desperately want something like the outfit designer where I can change from one set to the other at a click, and without keeping my inventory full of otherwise identical gear.
Most amps are such small percentage increases that they really don't vanity credit sinks.
The ones you worry about are on the armoring and weapon hilts / barrels - those with the right amp give extra damage or healing based on the type of damage or healing you do to your class.
The other ones on the mods and armor shells ... well just set the armor shells to give you something skillwise usefull to whatever crew skills you do. On the mods I think reducing repair costs make most sense long term to save some credits.
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