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Field Respecialisation is far more functional than dual spec. It gives you as many specs as you want to remember.
If anything I think Field Respecialisation trivialises Specialisation so much I can't help but wonder if you are okay with that why you are so against the idea of an AC swap.
Field Respec still requires stopping, respeccing, setting up bars, and customizing other items. Dual spec maintains the action bars the way they were the last time you were in the spec. Again, to me personally, Advanced Class swapping is just a bypass from having to roll a 2nd character. For example:

Sith Inquisitor:
Sorcerer is usually a healer
Assassin is usually a tank
(from what I personally have witnessed on BC, nothing with solid data, and certainly nothing solidifying the theory game wide)

These are two completely different play styles, much the same way a Druid can be a tank, or a healer, or both. However, with Druids, this is a spec in a talent tree, not an "Advanced class specialization". You want AC to work like specs in WoW, it is just not designed to do so. It is my opinion the Devs discovered this during an Alpha implementation, broke a bunch of stuff, removed it, and never mentioned it again.

It cannot be coincidental that they would announce it was going INTO the game, and then closer to launch becomes a "maybe". Something went wrong. They don't know what, or how, and likely don't think spending the resources to find out is worth it. As it has been pointed out, the team has been reduced from its former size, and resources and funding no longer flow like the waters of Niagra.

If it were possible, and even intended to be slated back into the game, do you honestly think Eric Musco would allow 47 different threads, including this 240 page monster, to go unacknowledged? At some point, people need to be more realistic and more honest with themselves. It's great to support an idea, but this much silence is obviously them waiting for people to finally just shut the flip up about the topic. That's my take on it anyway.
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