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When they say they either will not and can not do something, I remember how many times they have said that to only turn around and do exactly what they claimed was impossible or not something they would do.

I'm not going to make a list. Im sure you know they items I mean.

Something telling, however, is how a dev will even give the wrong answer based on opinion WHILE they are working on the very thing he claims can not be done...legacy bank. If I am not mistaken they have clearly indicated it is on its way. They have clearly said in the past that not only was it not possible, it would never happen.

They really have to stop saying never.
One example of "we're not going to do that" is Pureblood Sith Inquisitor. To paraphrase, 'we're not going to allow it because the pureblood character will break the slave background story of the inquisitor'.

That was literally the party line up until about 2 months before launch.

So you are correct in the never say never attitude.

I just think there is not a problem here. Leveling a toon doesn't take very long and we all have a spacebar, so it isn't like you have to sit through and endue every cut-scene or dialogue. I have several level 55s with between 52 and 55 hours of /played time.

That ends the part of this post related to the quote.

With all the recent XP events, XP boosts and KDY there really isn't a good case that can be made against just leveling a new toon in the AC that you want.

I guess I just really can't justify asking the Devs to alter the game in order to accommodate a sliver of the population who for whatever reason refuse to correct their own mistakes.

If you don't like your AC, you knew that long before you got to level 40 and should have cut your losses then. The rest of the community should not have to wait for a better feature because Dev time is being dedicated to fixing your mistake. Heck, just in the lifetime of this thread, I have leveled 5 toons to 55 and they were all duplicates of a Story I had already done.

"But I was nerfed into oblivion". Relax, it's an MMO. It happens to everyone in this MMO (except Mara/Sent for some reason).

"I don't have time". You have time to whine about it on the forums though? The "time" argument is patently false int he first place. This is an MMO. It is designed to be a Time-Sink. You are freely engaging in it. You obviously have time.

"But all my stuff!" I get this argument on an emotional level, but on a logical level it doesn't really hold all that much water, in my opinion. Your character isn't as well known for your shinies as you think it is. Also, as someone with 16 level 55s, my main (merc) is my main. Even though I have a mirror on the other faction (and 3 duplicates at 55 of the same faction), I am still drawn to play that character. I also have the other AC for both. I genuinely thought I would enjoy PT more before I had one - but the truth is - the grass isn't always greener.