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Ouch. But if I remember correctly, I think my response to "top 3" was that Sniper was strong but will never be FOTM because it's one of those classes that can have the best kit in the world, but it requires too high of a skill floor for the average player to just pick it up and roll it as FOTM, unlike some other classes like Sin atm.

So in that sense, whoever said the 4 of us agreed on sniper being FOTM misquoted me slightly or at least took it out of context.
I was the one who mentioned the podcast, however, I did not claim that you guys said Sniper was FOTM, rather that you guys agreed it was one of the top 3 performing specs. FOTM =/= Top 3.

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Hahahaha. Stain calling players mediocre. Lol
Jedimasteralex is not Stain.
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